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Innovation and investment 




We understand the confidential nature of an M&A transaction.  We’ve been through it ourselves and we’ve helped many clients to navigate the market quietly and carefully.  Our process provides you with protection from competitors, tire kickers, poor-quality buyers, and companies that simply aren’t a great fit for your objectives.

We work with clients well in advance of a transaction, and help them to position their company to optimize their equity value. Technology company valuations are based on a number of key metrics and intangible assets. We are skilled at uncovering the unique strategic value that our clients offer to different buyer profileSs

We’ll help you to get prepared for a sale and provide you with discreet coaching and feedback throughout the process. We coach you on how to address the question. We make sure that you are prepared for each meeting, each discussion, each call. This process is made up of a series of first impressions so it is critical that you are able to confidently clear each new hurdle.

About us


We are a sell-side M&A advisory firm with core expertise in B2B Enterprise Cloud, SaaS, and IT companies in the Adriatic and Western Balkan region. Strategic mergers, exits, and carve-outs for technology companies are all we do.

With decades of combined experience as executives, consultants, and tech company operators, we bring real-world experience to every M&A discussion. We provide guidance to shareholders on divestitures, acquisitions, valuations, and business exit strategies. We are experienced in Adriatic/ Western Balkans ICT industry with 10+ years of experience and a huge network of business owners in the ICT industry.



We know the way


All We Do is Tech M&A  for Software and IT companies is all we do. We have developed proprietary technology-driven processes that are efficient and effective. Our engagement style is collaborative, seamless, and transparent. Weekly update meetings with our team ensure clients are kept up-to-date on progress milestones.


Industry Knowledge


Knowing the key players in this region in the  SW development, cloud, digital transformation, and business processes drives better results for our clients and can save hundreds of hours wasted on the wrong or poor-quality buyers.




We take a team approach to each engagement.  This ensures that we’re able to keep moving through the milestone goals and timelines without any undue delays. Each client gets our full attention.





Our advisors have helped hundreds of software and technology companies to work through these decisions. The majority of the work we do is providing sell-side advisory services to clients.


Many of our conversations with prospective clients begin with coaching on how to best prepare their company for a sale in order to achieve maximum value. We often start working with companies many months or years in advance of any M&A event.

Our advisors look at a wide range of internal and external variables surrounding your software, technology, or IT services business and help you to position the company for an exit that meets your goals. Some of these factors include a review of current market conditions, and personal goals and objectives, as well as a review of valuation expectations, deal structure, and your management and employee concerns.


Our Objectives in Each Transaction


Uncover the strategic value your company offers. This is important for technology companies because their value lies in their IP, their people, their client base, and their market share.

Identify the strategic buyers who will offer the best price and terms.

Structure the process to provide flexibility so that a number of offers from a variety of parties can be brought in and evaluated in a reasonable timeframe.

Organize the process so the shareholders and executive team can focus their primary efforts on managing and growing the business without being unduly concerned about the divestiture process.

Maintain confidentiality to the greatest extent possible.



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